The images in the ‘Falling Away Series’ were captured at night on the crowded streets of West Hollywood. I was initially discouraged by the the distortion captured by the camera; the consequences of a jostling, boisterous crowd. The images appear to dissolve and dematerialise as is the human condition. I have employed the metaphors of Halloween (All Souls Night) in this body of work to explore this condition. Halloween is traditionally the night when the veneer of the controlled material world lapses into the otherness of the spiritual. It is a temporary state where subconscious fears bubble to the surface in a display of condemned bravado. Corporeality, carnality, pain, suffering, death and judgement are celebrated. These are the dark primal fears of the human condition. We assume the guise of ghouls, devils, corpses, angels, innocents and sinners in an imagined afterlife. My photographs fall between the fluid, unsolidified and molten states of the subconscious and the semblance of measurable reality and clarity of the conscious mind.

Digital Photography
Lapsus, Celeste Network